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Wilson County Help Quest is an independent, Internet database of detailed information about community services in Wilson County, TN and is managed by the Wilson County Community Help Center.
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Cumberland University

Web Design Students 

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The Wilson County Help Quest website was created in 2013 by Cumberland University students. Working along side the 2013 Leadership Wilson class the Help Quest website took form and developed into a wonderful tool for matching people in need with help organizations.  Through teamwork and dedication, talents including graphic design, analytics, database management, project management, layout design, and more were pulled together to complete this site under the leadership of Dr. Beverly Swisshelm. 


Class Members:

Alexander Alea - Analytics

Jeremy Goodman - Database Management

Binal Singapuri - Database Management

Austin Maxwell - Layout Design 

Nathanael Dixon - Graphic Design

Sean Haynes - Layout Design

Deonta Johnson - Graphic Design